owens community college

social media campaign



Moving towards targeting a younger audience, Owens Community College was looking to reach high school seniors to educate them on the benefits of Owens. Instead of the traditional approach of the past, broadcast TV commercials, our plan was to reach these younger, more mobile-engaged students where they spend a great deal of time … on social media.

Constraints pushed us to deliver a creative piece in a shorter format. Brevity was key, as each execution paired a short, succinct message with eye catching collage-style motion graphics. Even though these were developed to be effective on mute, it was important for us to also consider the music as well. Our friends at Dream Louder helped us reimagine a classic Owens Community College jingle into a contemporary piece fit for today’s audience.


ROLE // concept, design, art direction

creative direction // Randy Phipps

COLLABORATors // Randy Phipps, nick army, Rich Kretz, sean rodamn, Chris koelsch

music // Dream louder